Pepie Lapsatis, OT/CHT

Pepie Lapsatis M.S. OTR/L CHTPepie Lapsatis, OT/CHT

Pepie Lapsatis is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist. She received a B.A. in Psychology at New York University and then went on to pursue her M.S in Occupational Therapy at New York University. Pepie specializes in the treatment of the hand and upper extremity with a focus on pre- and post-operative orthopedic conditions. She has extensive hands-on experience working as a hand therapist for over 15 years working in several reputable hospitals in New York, including, but not limited to, Mount Sinai, Beth Israel, NYU Langone Orthopedic Hand Center and the Northwell Health system. Pepie treats highly complex cases and her extensive knowledge in hand therapy is critical when designing and fitting custom splints. Pepie has a passion for splint/orthotic fabrication and is considered and expert in the custom fabrication of static and dynamic splints, which are used to treat many types of injuries ranging from arthritis to complex tendon repairs. Pepie motivates patients to improve while delivering her enthusiasm, knowledge and her vibrant personality to all patients. Pepie is also an excellent resource to help guide patients through the rehabilitation process to facilitate a smooth and quick recovery. She has been in private practice at Hands Up Occupational Therapy as of 2010 and has the unique opportunity to provide follow up care to Dr. Gupta’s patients ensuring optimal and seamless recovery.

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