Leslie Diamond, CHT

Leslie Diamond, CHTLeslie Diamond, CHT

Leslie Diamond OTR, CHT has been a board certified Hand Therapist since 2001, but has been treating hands and the conditions of the upper extremity for over 20 years. Although a native New Yorker, she attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison and graduated with a BS in Occupational Therapy in 1996. Early on in her career she saw that hand therapy was an art as much as a science, which is a critical factor when designing and fitting the splints that she makes for Dr. Gupta’s patients. Leslie is considered an expert in the custom fabrication of static and dynamic splints, which are used to treat many types of injuries ranging from arthritis to complex tendon repairs. Enthusiastic, knowledgable, and thorough, she also serves as a resource to help guide patients through the rehabilitation process to facilitate a smooth and quick recovery.

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